Why Us?

  • Working within your organization, WrkFlo builds in-house production capabilities building, maintaining, recruiting, supplements, fixes and resources for in-house production facilities within ad agencies and marketers in-house agencies.
  • WrkFlo provides the tools, expertise, personnel and even financing to really succeed.  
  • WrkFlo consults and builds in-house production in all video and digital production specialties
    • Live action production
    • Post production including
    • Editing
    •  Color
    • Retouching for stills and motion
    • Motion Graphics
    • CGI
    • Animation
    • Digital experiences

About WrkFlo

image82 is in the business of making in-house production, viable - creatively, operationally and financially. This requires a solution that is adaptable and flexible to respond to widely different needs of both independent and in-house agencies. 

  1. Building a capability from scratch - from recruiting, IT infrastructure, process management etc. 
  2. Solving issues for existing facilities including growing capabilities, specifying and financing equipment, establishing off-site resourcing, staff-skills assessment etc.
  3. Providing additional skill-sets on an on-demand basis with realtime remote access.
  4. Overall, WrkFlo can solve any issue and adjust the scope from all encompassing to a single specific problem
  5. Establishing scalable workflow systems and tools
  6. Manage growth chaos
  7. Give measurable insights
  8. Integrate and aggregate varying software and work-streams across the business

The WrkFlo Team

Nick Scotting: Managing Director/Partner 

Nick Scotting is an award-winning creative leader and production specialist with over 20 years of global marketing experience, leading production and operations for top agencies in the US and Europe, partnering with world-class brands like Google, Microsoft, Ford, IBM, Nike, Rolex, J&J, Diageo, InBev, and Nestle that delivered award-winning work garnering honors from Cannes Lion, D&AD, One Show, Clios, AIGA, and the Art Directors Club.

Nick has an in-depth knowledge of the end-to-end production process, experience establishing best practices for production (procurement, workflow, risk management, quality assurance), and ability to maximize efficiency while executing high-caliber creative work.  Nick has an extensive understanding of studio and agency production workflow systems – including content software, digital technologies, project and asset management, resource allocation, cost controls, and vendor relations

Peter Corbett: Partner

Peter Corbett is the founder of numerous companies - agencies: IllusionFusion, Reason2Be. Too Many cooks.  Digital studios: Media Circus and ClickFire Media. Production and post-production companies Click 3X, Friendshop, Full Blue. Audio facilities Sound Lounge and Heard City. Music companies: SLMSD, We Are Walker and Able Baker.  

Peter is, by trade, a film director where his awards include Cannes Lions, CLIOs and The Crystal Apple Award from the City of New York. Maybe most infamously, he directed the legendary SNL spoof, “Schmitts Gay” starring Chris Farley and Adam Sandler.

From the beginning of his career, Peter has been driven by innovation. Beginning with the import of Australia’s first motion control system, to the first purchaser of Silicon Graphic’s supercomputer-driven visualFX platform, to a relationship with Internet pioneers BBN bringing in high speed internet - all the way to the present where develops new applications in digital video and VR technologies.  

Provider media: Partner: Joanne Ferraro & Reid Brody

Provider Media takes advantage of the steady march of top talent into the freelance artist and editor ranks to service clients’ needs – brands, ad agencies, program producers – to do way more with often much less, delivering seamless, one-stop solutions ranging from creative editorial to visual effects, design and audio post and mixing, without restrictions on where the work has to be performed or under whose banner, guided by experienced professionals with impressive career credentials.

Provider works with WrkFlo to tap into a national network of connections and partnerships, ensuring that the right talent is assembled to meet the needs of each individual project.

From managing top live action production houses to leading and growing some of the best-known brands in post production, Executive Producer Joanne Ferraro brings a wealth of experience.  As EP for Spot Welders and Jump. She was responsible for everything from building the roster to overseeing sales, marketing and client relations. She brought in an independent visual effects and finishing solution as well as color grading. Prior to this Joanne held management positions at Beast, BlueRock and BBDO. In 2004 she Chaired the AICP Show and Conference, while continuing to serve on AICP’s Board.  At Provider Media, she brings the sum of her experience, connections and vision to bear, assembling bespoke teams that will exceed any client’s expectations.  

Reid Brody is a serial entrepreneur who’s played a key role in building some of the most successful companies in the production and post production industries. A cofounder in companies like Filmworkers Club, Treehouse Edit, Color Collective, Quriosity Productions,The Colonie, Ammo Content and 2DS Productions.  Partnering with ad agencies and brands to working with top producers, directors, editors and colorists, Reid is also an accomplished writer, director and music producer, giving him a unique perspective on creative trends and the evolving technologies of production and post for both advertising and entertainment clients.

Provider Media

Brigade: Partner: Dave DiMeola

Brigade provide over a thousand high end skill-sets, artists and resources on a realtime off-site basis. With a facility and offices in Manhattan, they can assemble a team to cover skillsets not found normally in in-house facilities. These include Cloud project mgt, curated teams, Workflow solutions. Not just a collection of individuals or an outsourcing service, but curated teams with single payer convenience. Cloud-based licensing and virtual machines control costs. These teams work across all time zones. Some of skills they bring include:

  1. CGI - photoreal, Real-flow (synthetic liquid effects like splashes and pours) fur & cloth, virtual spaces etc.
  2. Color correct as well as Flame retouching for beauty, sky replacement, product shot label replacement and many other finishing skills requiring sophisticated platforms to execute
  3. Rotoscoping and replacement utilizing offshore relationships at a fraction of the cost
  4. VFX including on set VFX supervision


Bonfire: Partner Brendan O'Neil

Bonfire was launched by it’s partners to embrace the next truly transformative opportunity in advertising and entertainment: immersive storytelling and dynamic content powered by real-time computer graphics and the newest innovations in the industry.

Our award-winning team strives to transition from traditional workflows to decentralized ones by using the cloud and other emerging technologies to bring worlds to life and establish deep and intimate connections to brands. We develop and publish premium, story-based immersive entertainment content for the home, retail and public venues.

Bonfire has built a state of the art facility in the New York Flatiron district that utilizes a robust cloud based back end. We are an advanced visual effects studio that has pioneered a new way of working. Using the cloud as our backbone, we’ve built a uniquely decentralized structure that allows us to manage the entire creative process in a better, more efficient way.

Nodal: Partner: Jake Durand

Nodal provides IT solutions and support for creative industries in the New York City area. Our clients are post production shops, vfx studios, 2D/3D animation facilities, editorial houses, architectural firms, artist studios, and other creative environments. With over 10 years of industry experience, we help our clients build, grow, and adapt their facilities to suit their needs and budgets.

Nodal supports a wide range of computers running every operating system, including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. From the firewall to the wireless access points, servers to workstations, we will help you and your teams create and deliver your work.


What We Do

Building in-house production from the ground up.

 In-House production has many pain points. Staffing issues, technology issues, resourcing, workflow, acceptance internally

Fix & improve Existing In-House production facilities

 From Recruiting, infrastructure, IT, installation, financing, process - even culture and internal PR

Growing in-house production capabilities

In-house production often have issues in growing skills, adding new skills & capabilities, finding and utilizing additional temporary resources  

Provide additional overflow & specialist resources

We have a vast capability for both unique skills and overflow.  We provide these both onsite and remote utilizing realtime technology

Our Process

Our Process


WrkFlo process begins with a needs assessment. This includes:

  • Volume and type of work
  • systems  - either in place or needed
  • Deadline issues. How fast and how much lead time is given for any particular project
  • Culture - especially who in the Company accesses the in-house resources and their opinions
  • Technical infrastructure> What's in place, what needs to be added and what is required in-house vs. outsourced
  • Talent assessment - Existing employees and what is needed
  • Timing and ongoing support


  • WrkFlo in consultation with our partners, delivers a comprehensive proposal detailing costs, fees, and a detailed success roadmap
  • WrkFlo builds a detailed schedule and timeline, taking into account, time required for recruiting (if needed) delivery dates for equipment etc.
  • Training: Our team will then spend whatever time is required on site for training plus an ongoing support structure and regular scheduled on site visits

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