Through the use of emerging digital technology The Brigade has developed a system for creating, archiving, and showcasing online 3D content in the automotive industry. Automotive visualization will dramatically enhance all aspects of the business involving modern and classic cars by allowing owners to expeience their own cars like never before. Digitizing automobiles and their parts has four key benefits including: reverse-engineering parts, restoration visualization, Insurance, and dynamic content creation. 3D models are the foundation for any dynamic experience and Brigade uses three processes for developing them: photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and 3D modeling; all have pros and

cons based on product attributes, retailer needs, and budgets. Augmented Reality (AR), superimposes 3D models on real world environments. With AR, shoppers can accurately visualize products in 3D in their homes using smartphones or tablets. Augmented reality has an extensive practical application in the automotive industry, serving both consumers and car or part manufacturers. Check out the full case study here