Fusion Media Network, a division of Univision, targeted the 18-34 years old English-speaking audiences of the Spanish network and beyond. The new network had a presence in Miami and Los Angeles, inside the Univision Studios, and in Oakland, CA. FlyingMonk was awarded the project of building Fusion Media Network location in New York City. The project consisted of two studios; one for video production and a podcast studio with video capabilities.

The Production studio was built with a cyclorama, a green screen, and a white and black wraparound curtain on a switch. It had an iPad-controlled lighting system with setups for several types of productions.

A control room was built between the two studios with a direct line of sight into both rooms. The control room shared the equipment for both types of productions. The production studio was retrofitted with a Tricaster and several recorders and live streaming equipment for creating a live, switched production environment. In addition, it was built an 18 seat editorial bay along with two separate edit rooms, all connected to a central storage backed up daily.

FlyingMonk Consulting finalized the integration, trained the personnel for the post and the production sides, supervised the first productions in the studio and offered technical support based on a yearly contract. A second-tier development of the network entailed the survey for the construction of a separate location for Fusion LA as well as testing the synchronization of the content stored on the four existing sites of the network.