Bonfire is a post house in New York City specialized in graphics and visual effects.
Peter Corbett, Dave Dimeola and Radu collaborated closely to expand the technical infrastructure of the company and to implement a robust remote workflow.

The company network was expanded over two floors, adding a cloud firewall solution, secured WiFi APs, and a central storage with proxies capabilities. On-premises, we increased the number of workstations, adding a separate license server, database computers, and a multi-GPU render farm. The remote workflow was implemented both through VPN and secure remote software solutions.

Specialized procedures were added for different kinds of clients with a heavy emphasis on security using specific VPN Client policies and Site-to-Site VPN. Each remote client had access to its only share of the storage for increased security, while the Bonfire employees had access to the entire set of storage shares.

The storage content was synced between shares based on specific scripts and backed up daily on LTO tapes on-premises. A cloud backup of all in-progress projects was set up for advanced content security.

All media content of the projects got converted overnight to proxies that were accessible based on specified permission. The proxy folder could be mounted over a VPN in a remote location, offering real time on-storage editing and graphics.

The license server supported remote licenses that were used over VPN to various geographic zones by all Bonfireā€™s partners. A cloud rendering solution deployable at any moment, as well as a cloud hardware solution were implemented, key components that dramatically expanded the rendering capabilities.