Definition 6 is an agency located in Atlanta, GA. For their New York location, Definition 6 acquired years ago one of existing NY post house. FlyingMonk Consulting was chosen to move Definition 6’s location in New York to a new space.

The first stage of the project consisted of evaluating acoustically the empty floor for a correct placement of the rooms. Working alongside their acoustical consultants and the architect in placing the mixing rooms in the ideal locations of the floor, Radu provided drawings for the mixing room and VO booth walls, specifying the windows and doors types, the inside walls acoustic materials as well as all treatments for the AC vents.

Radu worked with the architect to specify all the wall conduits needed for cable passages and the tray systems plan as well as the power requirements for the server room and all production rooms. FlyingMonk Consulting also provided the full mechanical integration for installing the trays, monitors, and speakers. They provided a complete set of design documentation integrating eight edit rooms, four mixing rooms, one VO Booth, two conference rooms, a server room, and a large bay of computers for producers and additional personnel.