Tierney, an IPG Philadelphia based ad agency had previously built a very small in-house post facility. They had just won a major account that mandated substantial in-house postproduction.

Before: Tierney’s post capability consisted of a couple of older iMacs and a poorly constructed and equipped audio booth. This was fine for test internal videos, but was nowhere near capable of producing the 20 or more broadcast quality spots each month. In addition, their new client had a huge archive of video assets where Tierney needed instant access.

Headed by Peter Corbett and Joanne Ferraro, our proposal consisted of 5 powerful new workstations connected a new media server that not only stored the client video assets, but enabled each workstation to operate from a central server rather than locally. This entailed 10gigE ethernet connectivity. In order to connect to an outside facility, we installed BlackMagic Design high quality video streaming appliance.

We also completely redesigned and refitted the audio booth working with the (union) labor that was mandated by the building. Finally, working with the agency’s Adobe relationship we prepared a list of licenses and plugins needed. The entire project which was completed in an 8-week timeframe included an ongoing on-site support agreement.