Brigade Brings Greek Gods to Life for Busch Gardens

Peter Corbett

Brigade, [a boutique animation company] was tapped by Busch Gardens to bring to life their new exciting roller coaster, The Pantheon.

The agency, Cut Water out of Chicago had an idea where they wanted the coaster to climb through a cloudscape sculpted out of  Greek gods.  The challenge confronting Brigade was the need to bring together their far flung team with the significant computing power needed for the complex fluid simulations and efficient workflow that only WrkFlo.Solutions and SimpleCloud can do.

Wrkflo.Solutions designed a virtual studio, that enabled a single project to be shared with their VFX Supervisor Ryan O’Phelan in NY, the Houdini artist Joachim Paul in Munich, the creative lead, Dave DiMeola on Long Island and various modellers around the US.

Brigade modeled and sculpted all the Greek God characters, then passed them off Joaquin within SimleCloud. The SimpleCloud VM and GPU render nodes quickly rendered the intense cloud simulations within Houdini – much faster than any local machine an artist might have at home. 

Dave Dimeola related, “This job required a couple of render nodes in the cloud and a very powerful virtual machine, which allows the artist flexibility to test and set, to run tests and, and continue development throughout the day within our tight schedule.  We had a really successful workflow between all of the artists that allowed an artist in Germany, developing the cloud fluids in Houdini to run, and render all night.  Our US based team would wake up and his simulation files would be on our server in our project structure, completely synced.”

“It’s a pretty standard pipeline for VFX, in terms of everyone’s in sync and sharing their latest updates. But the virtual machine on SimpleCloud is a big part of it. It was able to keep up with a senior level artist working in working in Houdini running fluid sims for a photorealistic cloudscape.  I was really impressed.”

Wrkflo.Solutions works exclusively with SimpleCloud and IBM on our virtual & hybrid post solutions.

Wrkflo.Solutions works exclusively with SimpleCloud and IBM on our virtual & hybrid post solutions.

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