Our Two Technology Solutions

Fully Virtualized Workspace

With WrkFlo’s fully virtualized solution, your entire facility operates from within the cloud using virtualized workstations accessible from anywhere. Firewalls, data security, files, back-up and software are all cloud-based.

Hybrid On-Prem/Virtualized Solution

Seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure and on-premise workstations with our powerful cloud-based virtualized workstations and sync with both on-site & cloud-based high-speed storage. Gain capacity if, and when, you need it almost overnight.


SimpleCloud is a cloud-based platform for digital content management and creation working in pure cloud as well as hybrid environments. The platform, using virtual desk solutions with Nvidia graphic capacity, connects users to powerful virtual desktops from anywhere through any equipment, while keeping their own way of working and their own software and tools.

GPU and CPU render nodes can be added and with just a couple of clicks, a complete processing farm can be configured directly in your studio.

All Data is kept in IBM Cloud data centers providing best-in-class data security.

Project Management

The SimpleCloud is not just a virtual workstation, but an entire project and facility management platform. Adding workstations, storage, projects, artists is all accomplished in a couple of clicks.

In addition the platform’s tools: – powerful scheduling, security, access management, a full pipeline tool and DAM – are all included at no additional cost.

WrkFlo Advantages

Ingesting Large Files

The key to productive and efficient workflow. Our solution integrates a choice of high speed UDP ingest using Resilio, File Catalyst or Aspera.

Ease of Use

All artists, editors and producers need to operate a WRKFLO virtual workstation is an internet connection and a laptop. All the horsepower resides in the cloud-based virtual machine (VM) but it’s as though the workstation was in the room with them.

Need a more powerful workstation or more storage? Instantly upgrade your virtual machine for as long as you need it at a modest cost.

Best-of-Breed Security

WrkFlo is backed by the IBM cloud, the most secure cloud in the world.

Two-way authentication

Different projects have separate associated storage. It is impossible for an editor/producer with limited permissions to see the content of an unassigned project.

No user can install unlicensed/illegal software.

No user can upload OR download files without admin permission.

Bring-Your-Own License

We manage your licenses for you. Whether the software is Adobe, Avid, Resolve, Maya or over 160 others (including plugins), a user simply clicks on the software available and away they go! We even provide software version choice.

Multi-Lingual in 9 Languages

(English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Dutch Portuguese)

Seamless Collaboration

Our tools allow screen sharing in real-time with anyone, wherever they are.

Realtime screen-sharing with Blast, Parsec/PCOIP.

Integrated collaboration with Evercast or Zoom.

Streambox Cloud for color-accurate 4:4:4 12-bit streams sent to multiple screens including Retina-screen iPads.


WrkFlo sets up three types of storage.

High-speed SSD block storage for working files on projects.

Less expensive storage for files that are need quickly, but are not being worked on. Moving files between storage is lightning fast.

Active sync on existing on-premise servers to our cloud storage.

Capex, vs Opex

Dramatically reduce or even eliminate capex by transferring investments in equipment and infrastructure – workstations, servers, sophisticated firewalls, switches and routers – into scalable, monthly operating costs.