One of the largest impediments to improvement is the inertia required to replace outdated and less efficient systems and processes due the lack of desire to learn these new systems.

WrkFlo consults and strategizes with you to determine what improvements in effective workflow processes, scheduling strategies and communication models can be made. We then help you install, train and increase team buy-in to allow a successful launch of these systems to insure success.


Integration and alignment within the existing corporate structure to minimize disruption while increasing efficacy and efficiency

Cultural considerations ensuring a high degree of internal buy-in.

Communication on comment and approval processes – both in-person and remote

Resource scheduling and timeline management

Data management, delivery and technical standard compliance.

Bidding, expense management and actualizing

WrkFlo’s deep experience in the many software management options ensures that the right tools are implemented (with the necessary training) while communicating obstacles and improvement opportunities


Utilizing our deep vendor relationships, WrkFlo can negotiate equipment purchases. Technology suppliers know they’re working with an IT team that will deliver accurate specifications and plans.

WrkFlo has a deep understanding of working collaboratively with procurement, and existing vendor relationships.

Capex: For clients who may have capex limitations, WrkFlo can set up a virtual system that eliminates almost all capex requirements.